Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Essential Upcycling Companies

Junky Styling
12 Dray Walk
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6RF

Raeburn Design
Stocked at:

Christopher Raeburn AW09 Menswear available exclusively at Liberty from September 2009

Christopher Raeburn AW09 Womenswear available at Browns Focus from September 2009

341 Portobello Road

Stocked at:

103 Brick Lane,
E1 6SE

The Triangle Shopping Centre,
Exchange Square,
M4 3TR

7 Broadway market,
E8 4PH

57 Bank Street,
G12 8NF
205 Whitecross Street,


  1. Anonymous12:39 pm

    hello there i have just opened my own upcycling company we take old clothes furnitire and anythin such as jamie tong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:51 pm

    hello i am a gcse student an i would like to know whether you would like to participate in my upclcing event

  3. Hello GCSE student!
    Please email me at with more info :)

  4. Anonymous2:23 pm

    hello i am a gcse student and am running a upcycling event if you are intressted please contact me at

  5. Anonymous2:47 pm

    this website is great kbye.

  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    omg is everyone doing the same gcse, im doing it aswel :(

  7. Anonymous10:14 pm

    Hello, I am a GCSE student. I am running an upcycling event so please may I have more info and please may you tell me if you are interested. Please contact me at

  8. Anonymous1:55 pm

    this GCSE asssessment is so deadd. how does it relate to ict?? :p

  9. Anonymous12:49 pm

    hello, i am a gcse student can youplz give me more information like in which time the event was starting ang the finishing time what thing is used for upcycling

  10. My company runs fashion workshops with a focus on teaching sustainability in the fashion industry along with hands-on practical upcycling/customising skills. The idea is to encourage people to use their skills and creativity at whatever level to add value to their unwanted clothing by changing the garment in some way to increase the wearers attachment to the garment, and therefore the longevity (hopefully they are less likely to throw it away, and more likely to get more wear out of it and keep it!)

    I always reuse materials - mostly clothing that people don't want to wear anymore. Wherever possible I reuse buttons, zips and other fastenings, but sometimes I need to buy new zips and thread.
    If someone is giving any materials/fastenings/elastic/pins or needles away I always try to make room for it in my house - anything to avoid materials being thrown 'away' and into landfil - it is such a waste of resources if this happens.

    Currently I run workshops in schools or other locations, I had a stall at the Camden Green Fair in 2010 and will be there again this year, although now the name has changed to the London Green Fair.
    Setting up stalls around country fairs and festivals would be a good thing - in order to sell small things I have made and encourage others to customise and upcycle their clothing too.Sewing kits are a good way to do this - with instructions to help with a project.

  11. Anonymous12:45 pm

    thanxs thousand goodbless you in your upcycling buisness

  12. Anonymous9:39 pm

    What is the name of your company??

  13. Anonymous11:51 am

    whats your email address cos i am holding an upcycling event and i want you to come and hold a stalll there

  14. Anonymous11:54 am

    this is sad we have to have your approval to have something posted on this blog thats sooo retated

  15. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Hi I Am A GCSE Student Like Most Of These Other People! And I Was Wondering If You Would Be Interested In Participating In My UPCYCLING Event Called EarthCycle! Please Contact Me At I Would Really Appreciate It :)

  16. Anonymous10:17 am

    We dont actually have to run these events, they're just virtual! im also doing the GCSE.