Friday, July 10, 2009

Recycle, Donate, UPcycle

Recycle & Downcycle: Clothing and textiles that can be broken down and used for their fibre content. The yarn and resulting fabric produced may not be of a good quality, in which case this process can be referred to as 'downcycling'. However, if the fibres and yarn produced are similar quality or better than the original, the term recyling is more relevant.

Donate: Passing on clothing of good condition to be sold on and worn again without making any adjustments, usually such items are donated to a charitable organisation.

: Clothing most suitable for this category will be clothing that is mostly of good quality but may have a stain or tear in the fabric, or the garment is unwearable in another way. Such clothing will not be taken to a charity shop as it is unsuitable for resale, and for many people the only option for clothing of this nature will be thrown into the bin, thrown 'away'.

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