Sunday, August 23, 2009

Urban Outfitters: ReNewAll

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The Urban Renewal (RenewAll) collection from Urban Outfitters is a great example of how Upcycling can be included within the high street fashion retailers. Each piece is made in America from vintage clothing and surplus textile stock.

Urban Outfitters do have a quirky image and maybe this is why the Renewal Collections have sold well. Could the ideas behind the renewal and upcycling format work and sell in all high street stores? What is important is that a stereotype of upcycling doesn't evolve. It is not a 'style', it is not a 'look', it is a method of garment production. A diverse variety of styles and designs can be created, styles to suit all types of fashion retailers using reclaimed garments and textiles.

Myco Anna

A short You Tube video interview clip

This Canadian reclaimed and upcycling fashion company have been in business since 1995. The clothing in the above video is quirky and creative, but a bit too 'patchwork'. If upcycling and reclaimed fashion is to reach a larger audience it needs to move away from the stereotypes of patchwork, and the 'rag doll' look. Upcycling and fashion design based around reclaimed fabrics need to find more inventive ways of using unwanted fabric and garment pieces.

See a clip of some Myco Anna clothes on the catwalk

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LMB Textile Recycling

LMB In East London

Professional Texile Recyclers

Lawrence M. Barry is a large textile resale, reuse and upcycling plant.

With over 400 textile and clothing donation banks around London, LMB are a great source for Upcycling designers.

The majority of the clothing donated is sold to African second hand clothing merchants who sell on the clothing or 'mitumba' in markets.

The clothing unsuitable for resale or reuse is sold to textile downcycling and flocking companies who break down the fibres to create fabrics of lower quality.

As well as sourcing unwanted clothing, LMB also work with companies to take the old uniforms and promotional clothing that is no longer required.

The company is involved with education and design collaborations, providing source material for Upcycling designers and design students at various Universities including University of the Arts London.

A new initiative with students from the Univeristy of East London and Dr.Noki to open an Upcycling shop on Bethnal Green Road!!! AMAZING!!!

I collaborated with Zoe Fletcher who is also on my MA course to create a short film about the amazing work LMB do! Click here to be taken to You Tube

Monday, August 17, 2009

Junky Styling - The Book!

Yesterday I bought such a fabulous book!

'Junky Styling - Wardrobe Surgery', put together by the founders of the company, tells the story of this brilliant Upcycling clothing business. Looking at their collections through the years, the developments that have lead them to where they are today and with some helpful 'DIY' tips at the back, it is a great book for any Upcycler- and so inspirational to hear their story.

If you haven't yet visited the store or seen their work, check out their website - click here!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

M&S Plan A Update

I recently received an update email from Marks and Spencer regarding their Plan A.

Check out their recent work with Oxfam and the Clothing Exchange, encouraging consumers to donate their unwanted M&S clothing to Oxfam in return for £5 shopping vouchers.

There are also a couple of other articles on the website about how to clear out your wardrobe; what to save, what to give!

Follow this link for the webpage.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Recycle Signs hit the Floor

Paving stones on the floor in Whitstable town in Kent with recycle signs to decorate them!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Upcycled Dresses - Black Collection

Black Silk Dress: Made from a pair of black silk trousers where the zip had broken

Black Flocked Dress: Made from a pair of dark grey trousers with a flocked pattern.

Dotty Dress: Made from two silk scarves

Folded Dress: Made from half a pair of pin stripe trousers and a wollen dress