Thursday, October 08, 2009

Boots Display

I love Boots.
They are my favourite type of footwear.

Walking through Sainsburys (above left) and then BHS (above right) I saw these boots displayed and I was really shocked to see the stores obviously not making any secret of how mass produced, syntheticially similar they all are!

I'm not saying they are amazing quality and deserve to be put on a pedestal, but i'm sure there used to be a time that stores at least attempted to mask the fact their products were mass produced and cheap by presenting them well?? It is such a shame that they are hooked together and packed in like sardines so the store can sell more, faster, and in the process entirely compromise on display.

I know this isn't just BHS and Sainsburys by the way, there are plenty of stores that are worse, but it seems really sad.

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