Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leeds Bin Strike

Leeds are now in their 9th week of bin strikes.

The strikes are still ongoing due to disagreements over equalising pay.

The council are willing to talk once the refuse collectors go back to work, but the workers won't work until they have sorted the dispute. It is a stalemate situation with unhygienic side effects.

Due to the lack of refuse collection, the council, universtiy and many businesses have had to hire private contractors to clear the backlog.

From BBC news:
"Rows of full up black wheely bins"
"In street after street bins stand full and black bin bags are piling up"
"In some places the piles are massive and there is increasing risk of public health"
"There is cause for concern"

This is an unusual scenario and I am intruiged as to how will this effect the attitudes of the people of Leeds towards waste.

As we never have to deal with or even see the rubbish we throw 'away', it is easier for us to live in a throw-away society. However, if the waste we throw into the black wheely bins stays within sight and mind, as currently happening Leeds, will people start to think about what parts of a product they will need to throw away before they even buy it?

Will people reduce the amount they throw away? Buy less food with excess packaging? Reuse carrier bags and containers?

Will people think about the waste they will create? And if this is a lot will they not buy it?!

If you are from Leeds please comment and share your views on the bin strikes!

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