Sunday, October 18, 2009

Reet Aus

Taken From Reet Aus Website...

"More sustainable textiles: We use only recycled, organic or natural fibres. And we try to produce to a high level of quality, so that pieces will last for years (or can be easily repaired and re-worn) to reduce waste. Equally, we are doing as much as we can to draw on traditional Estonian designs and handicrafts, to keep these alive for future generations to appreciate.

Slowing down the fashion cycle and reducing waste: Reet Aus is never going to create a new collection every two weeks. In fact, while we may work seasonally, Reet’s starting point for a new ReUse collection is to assemble different fast fashion collections from previous seasons and redesign them to create up-to-date pieces. As well as trying to use more sustainable materials, we rely on natural post-processing of the fabrics, using environmental friendly dyes.

Local production and fair trade: All our clothes are put together locally in Estonia and the artisans involved are treated with respect, including when it comes to their wages. All our recycled textiles are sourced in Estonia too (unfortunately no one is producing organic textiles here at the moment, so we have to look further afield for those).

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