Friday, October 16, 2009

Timberland & Recycling

Timberland Shop window on Regent Street. Their Global Commitment logo from reads:

'We've all been part of the cause. We can all be part of the solution'

Recyclable product is another way of saying designing product that has an after life. This means at the end of a product's life, it doesn't go into the landfill, but becomes an input for the next generation of products. This aspirational goal leverages our outdoor heritage and environmental credentials in a competitive and green marketplace by providing durable products that meet our consumers' needs and exceed their environmental expectations. '

Click here to read more from their website

I like the way the product they design becomes the raw material or 'input' for the next generation of products. Thinking in cyclical ways, avoiding landfill, using recylcled materials and promoting reuse of product after use are essential messages to communicate to the consumer and I think the Timberland window on Regent Street is a good example of this.

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