Thursday, December 10, 2009

Eco Home Exhibition at the Geffyre Museum, Shoreditch. London

The Pli Design Reee chair! Made from recycled games console plastic, displayed in the exhibition to demonstrate the sustainable lifecycle of a product.
Door mat made from excess material waste from a flip flop factory.
Barley Massey Cushions made from reclaimed materials
Revolve (recycled Christmas decorations)

I visited the Eco Home exhibition today at the Geffyre Museum and it brings together a great and inspiring assortment of eco products, ideas, facts and tips for making your home more 'eco friendly'.

Looking through quotes from the comments book at the end of the show:

- "The future is sooner than you think" - Anonymous

- "Are you going to let your ideas come to life in the real world?" - 7 (almost 8) year old girl

- "The cushion in the shop, being sold for £45. I can purchase a quite adequate cushion from Matalan for £3. Reduce your prices to match and you will have a convert".

Again, the argument of price point and cost. Educating consumers on the Value of products is a vital aspect to overcome.

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