Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prove It @ The Science Museum

'Prove it!'
At the Science Museum, London.

To be honest I was expecting grander things from this exhibit.

I have been meaning to go since early December, and before the Copenhagen COP15 talks.

However, I visited today and felt that, although the content was easily understandable and to the point, it was only accessible if you sat and watched the changing text on the main screen, or sat at one of the interactive screens round the back to click through all the different options. There were also 3 screens where you could find more information and leave a comment about the exhibit.

The title of 'Prove It!' suggests that it is aimed at an unconvinced audience (in relation to Climate Change). It is only because of my concern for and interest in such issues that I could be bothered to sit for 20 minutes, going through all the options and reading all the information on the interactive screens. I feel someone not as interested wouldn't fuss with it, and I think may remain unconvinced, as no real arguments are demonstrated. Although it is a scientific fact that carbon emissions are contributing to global warming and climate change, I would like to have seen the arguments debated in a way as to convince the unconvinced; challenging and correcting the excuses the sceptics would use to remain convinced global warming is not happening.

Also, this small exhibit was right at the back of the museum on the first floor, beyond the 3D imax next to the time I would like to see it in a place of maximum exposure and bigger!! The arguments, issues, debates and importance of this subject are surely worthy of a larger space?!

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