Wednesday, January 06, 2010


'Worst snow fall Britain has seen for a generation' BBC News

Schools closed, Airports closed, Trains Cancelled, People stranded in cars.

I (fortunately thank goodness) do not have to make any 'life or death' emergency journeys, so until I can get back to London within 3 hours I am perfectly happy to be snowed in in North Yorkshire because it is BEAUTIFUL.

Photographs taken in various places whilst on my Christmas travels, mostly Holmfirth, Saddleworth, Whitworth and Knaresborough.

However, I feel questions surrounding climate change might lead to an air of doubt as people see the cold 'Frozen Britain' weather as a direct contradiction of 'Global Warming'.

I do love the snow, but I fear climate change sceptics may use it as an example, used as an excuse to contradict the frightening scenario and threat of climate change.

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