Friday, January 08, 2010

Sustainability Tour Across America

American eco fashion brand SUST set off on their Sustainability Across America Tour on the 22nd July 2009. Travelling across the continent in van, their aims are to initiate collaboration projects, interview experts and those involved with sustainability and to educate the consumer and retailers regarding sustainable fashion.

Profiled in Eco Textile News, ‘A California‐based Eco‐fashion label is using the economic downturn as an opportunity to take the message of sustainable design to grassroots America’ (Magruder 2009). This diverse guerrilla marketing experiment allows people to interact and become involved with SUST and their journey. Their Twitter and Facebook sites provide up to date information regarding the tour and allow you to comment on their progress. By acting on impulse and writing their own rules, this fashion brand is exploring exciting ways to communicate sustainability in times of a recession.

Check out their website and also on facebook,

Both allow you to post comments and interact with the content they upload onto the site.

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