Friday, June 18, 2010

Creative Alterations@Make Lounge

I bought this dress from a small boutique in covent garden about 4 years ago and have worn it occasionally but always like the print more than the style as it just seemed too baggy at the bottom - it's a funny length to have an elasticated hem. As I looked through my wardrobe for items to take to the Creative Alterations class at The Make Lounge, I found this dress and thought it was the perfect garment to take along and alter. I hadn't worn it in about 6 months and the baggyness of the fit was really putting me off wearing it any more, I was sure I could remake it and love it again.

I took it along to the creative alterations class at The Make Lounge up in Angel Islington that is run by Nin, who created the amazing reclaimed fashion label Goodone. There were 8 of us who attended the two part class, six hours overall.

I decided to remake the dress into a separate top and skirt. I first had to cut straight through it...
I cut off a bit of extra fabric to make a binding for the botton of the top. To make the waitsband for the skirt I used a part of a dress from another girl in the class that she had cut off as part of her alteration. I stitched this most of the way round and then attached a couple of loops to thread it through so I could get in and out of the skirt (because the waistband wasn't stretchy material).

I love this top and skirt so much more than the original shape of a dress and will wear both garments so much more, I have a new skirt and top (I'm wearing the skirt today!)

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