Thursday, July 15, 2010

Upcycle Fashion on YouTube

My first contribution to the online video sharing network is a short (and silent!) documentary film that I made after myself and coursemates went out onto the streets of Oxford Street to ask the general public (and many tourists) what their opinions of 'Eco Fashion' were if they even knew what it really meant in the first place. Fortunately it wasn't all an overwhelming sea of blank faces - but a mix of those who understood and acted upon their opinions regarding the damaging environmental effects of the fashion industry ... and those who had no idea. Interestingly it was the younger people who were more engaged and understanding of the issues. They seemed to have more of an awareness through picking up information in the media and felt like they were important issues for our time - mainly focusing on the issues of fairtrade, material waste and resource depletion. In general the older shoppers around Oxford Circus were not aware of the importance of the issues and what was being done to change things. One man commented that there was no point attempting to change anything, because ultimately 'what will happen will happen'. Not an optimistic mentality to be faced with when trying to spread positivity and optimism and raise awareness hopefully leading to life changing actions, but hey ho! It was a really interesting afternoon and I look forward to questioning more shoppers about their ethics and shopping habits.

Be The Change
(my first you tube upload - I attempt to improve the quality of my short films!)

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