Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Chris Huhne at LSE

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Chris Huhne MP spoke yesterday at LSE about the new Green Deal. The talk was chaired by Eric Neumayer - Head of Department for Geography and the Environment at LSE.

Chris Huhne was speaking about the Green Economy and also the 3rd Industrial Revolution that will support an economy 'built to last'. The Green Deal will support 'jobs, investment, technology, a skilled workforce and further innovation' and an economy prone to fewer ups and downs with green energy providing the backbone of the revolution.

To nurture new industries through innovation in clean energy and to develop the UK's energy independence through low carbon goods and services. The Green Deal has set itself the target to support 1 million Green Jobs by 2015 by taking the lead in off shore wind and carbon capture technology with other renewable energy supplies and nuclear also having a role to play.

As we move ahead to a low carbon future, Chris was positive that 'the next generation's prosperity will come from green energy'. 

Due to the 'chronic inefficiency' throughout homes in the UK, the Green Deal does not leave out our houses, aiming to 'futureproof' the homes in need of eco-improvements. With further green jobs created through the assessment, installation and construction of further green housing, along with boilers and insulation I really hope the Green Deal works as well as Mr Huhne suggested.

This is sure to improve our current rating of 25th (out of 27 countries in Europe) for our dependence on renewable energy sources. Shocking!

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