Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sustainable Arts at UAL

I have spent the last three weeks working hard on my first freelance project - the new University of the Arts London Sustainability website.

There are lots of great projects taking place throughout the university that focus on many elements relating to sustainability. From carbon emission reduction targets in estates, to research and curriculum development projects, serving local and organic food in the canteens to bee keeping on the balcony of the London College of Fashion, the new website is the first step in providing information about all these great projects to the wider body of staff, students and interested visitors!

The website represents the diversity of interpretations relating to sustainability around the university and highlights the work of staff members working hard to increase the sustainability reputation at UAL. The idea behind the site aims to encourage students and staff to get involved with current projects or set up their own. All projects, events and news will be updated via the site and it is a great first step for UAL to set a new standard in sustainable development within higher education.

All UAL need now is a newly appointed, dedicated member of staff to assume a full time position of Sustainability Project Officer...!

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