Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The People's Supermarket

Today I finally made a visit to The People's Supermarket on Lambs Conduit Street in central London. I watched the series on 4od and LOVED the concept behind it, the determination of the founders and the way the project has progressed and succeeded despite some pretty tough challenges.

It's such an inspiring idea providing a truly community-focused and unique shopping experience - a welcome alternative to the super-mega-hyper-store market retailers that have the monopoly on the market, collectively turning over billion-figure profits whilst simultaneously pushing down prices of produce - often causing extreme pressure on the farmers, with british dairy farmers in particular experiencing a great deal of pressure and suffering as I write this (read a related article here).

The People's Supermarket has now exceeded their original target of recruiting 500 members, providing enough staff to keep the shop open and many more member customers. The prices are competitive, with many products priced cheaper as there are no wage costs. I love that TPS are able to buy fresh fruit and vegetables that don't look perfect. Imperfections or mis shapen food will often not be bought by the giant supermarket retailers and, as a result, become surplus to requirement for the provider, quickly becoming waste. The People's Supermarket plays a vital role in ensuring this food 'waste' is not thrown 'away' - and is instead thrown into the TPS vans and brought to their store to be sold!

I 100% support the changes this supermarket is making to the way people shop, place themselves within a community and work together to make something happen. Although I don't live in Holborn I am going to become a member as I think it's a fabulous idea. By becoming a member I am able to play a small role in the growing success of a unique alternative retail experience and encourage them to look for another site closer to home in Elephant and Castle!


  1. What a great idea! The closest thing we have here in Southern Adelaide (SA, Aust) is the local farmers market. But my suburb is a rather 'green' suburb with an eco village and lots of residents with a 'hippy attitude' (without sounding rude, the sort of people who do everything from scratch, use solar energy, recycle absolutely everything, etc)

    Being surrounded by people like that makes you feel that maybe you could do something too.

  2. Sounds fantastic! Thank you for your comment. It is so true - seeing lots of people come together to make a difference is infectious and really inspiring. To be part of something new and exciting that you believe in gives you a great boost!

  3. This is such a great idea, I did see the TV series but I didn't watch it. I will have to see if it is still online to watch. Is it open to everyone or do you have to be a member to shop their? I don't live in London but on my next visit I will go and have a look? The produce on the front looks great!x