Friday, April 25, 2014

Meeting Karen Ellis

Thanks for making me an upcycled present Karen! I use it every day, below is a picture of it in use with my cuppa :)
Here is a little film I took after Meeting Karen Ellis


  1. Hi Julia you are most welcome. It was the best thing meeting someone who is younger than me with the same passion for upcycling. I made this wool trivet from vintage pure wool Australian blankets that were sourced from the point of landfill. Wool ending up in landfill creates harmful methane gas wosre than CO2 emissions. My label is RUDE which means raw (perfectly imperfect) wabi sabi and roughly done. I twitter on @RudeRecord and blog at

  2. Please let me know when the video link is happening. I love your styling Jules. Thanks for meeting up with me. It was a lovely afternoon chatting non-stop about our passion of upcycling. And not to forget Fashion Revolution Day. Best wishes. Karen at and Twitter @RudeRecord