Friday, August 08, 2014

Full Circle Scarves

Earlier this year I was contacted by Barry and Eva, the brains and hands behind upcycled scarf enterprise Full Circle Scarves, who told me about their business and story so far. I always love hearing about and seeing upcycled products, and the people who make them.

As I was in Melbourne, scarfless, with winter fast approaching, I popped along to Etsy to commission Full Circle Scarves to create a scarf in my favourite colour combo, blue and grey. As they are made by Barry and Eva in New Zealand the postage did not increase the price too drastically and, a week later my scarf arrived on my doorstep with a lovely hand written note.

 I have worn it daily and nightly in Melbourne. I have been working on a farm in New South Wales for three weeks and it is rarely detached from my body. So, thank you Barry and Eva for making me my favourite scarf. Your dedication and enthusiasm is really inspiring and I wish you the best of luck for the future!

Buy Full Circle Scarves at their Etsy store

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