Friday, August 01, 2014

Looptworks Love

Before I began my travelling adventures last year I bought a backpack.

My Kasum backpack, July 2014, Sydney, Australia

I wanted to find one that had been upcycled from discarded materials and looked good. With help from an Ecouterre search I quickly found the Kasum backpack by Looptworks which I bought online.

I have waited to share my love of this Looptworks bag because I wanted to make sure that it would stand the test of time and travelling. So, a year later I can happily report that THIS BAG IS AWESOME!

In sturdy backpack form it has survived being stuffed full, squashed down, sat on, slept on and has also performed successfully as a foot rest on many flights. It has perfectly sized pockets, seems to stretch to hold as much as I have needed to pack, and is REALLY comfortable to carry. Despite the frequent use and abuse it is not even showing any signs of wear and tear.

So, thank you Looptworks for spreading the upcycling love through your well designed and durable products.

Me and my Kasum backpack, November 2013, Wellington, New Zealand

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