Thursday, September 25, 2014

People's Climate March

The People's Climate March took place across 166 countries during the weekend of 20th and 21st September 2014 ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York City on 23rd September. People took to the streets together in pursuit of a shared goal -  energy for the world from 100% clean and renewable sources. This IS possible. And great things are happening now, but more needs to be done. Individuals can do so much on a practical level in their homes, places of work and education. That collective action will make a difference, but we need governments to set ambitious targets for renewable energy which require hard and fast work. We need our leaders to lead, to break out from existing in the control of fossil fuel corporations, not to be afraid of the politics of power. The People's Climate March was about forcing our leaders to see what the people want. That healthy ecology equals healthy economy. That destroying the planet for short term gain leaves our children and their children and their children disadvantaged as they clean up the mess of today. That it's unfair to subsidise massive fossil fuel corporations, let them pollute for free, and then use the people's tax money to repair the damage. THIS HAS TO STOP.

I volunteered for Avaaz in Melbourne and their hard work, global reach and determination is truly inspiring. It was also great to meet other volunteers and march alongside other organisations including Get Up,, and Greenpeace.

I bought three vest tops from my local Salvos store  to upcycle into a dress to wear for the march, inspired by three shades of green and the Avaaz hearts.

Check out #peoplesclimate and #worthsaving on social media for thousands of pictures, film footage and information from the summit. A couple of things to watch below that have really inspired me recently...

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