Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lidl + Luxury for all?

This is the new Chrismas logo and sentiment from Lidl, entirely contradicting the recent comments and themes arising in many craft and slow debates and lectures I have attended recently.

The main element many craftspeople and designer-makers rely on is the consumer understanding that quality should cost you more. The only way many talented makers can earn a living is by communicating to the public and their customers that what they have to sell is worth paying extra for. The time involved in making, materials, quality and the unique nature of the products are elements that are worth a higher price tag.

Although Lidl specifically focuses on the food industry, sending out the message that luxury is for everyone, and quality shouldn't cost you more is a dangerous contradiction and direct opposition to the message trying to be communicated by the talented community of craftspeople wanting to make a living from their skills.

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