Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Atmosphere @ the Science Museum

Atmosphere is a new permanent exhibition on the 2nd floor of the WellcomeWing at the Science Museum, London. The exhibition opened in December 2010 and is an interactive and inviting rescource for visitors to learn more about the science behind climate change and greenhouse gases. The exhibition demonstrates a clear and informative approach to the ways in which science and technology are developing in order to document the changes to our planet and atmosphere. By mapping and logging such changes, we are able to more accurately predict the effects an increase in carbon emissions will have on the planet. 
Exhibition Promotion

Science and Technology are also crucial for us to develop solutions and provide opportunities to reduce our impact on the planet - not just through carbon emissions but also by reducing waste and pollution. I would highly recommend this exhibition to everyone as it is a great example of environmental communication. It raises awareness of the issues whilst also inspiring and reminding us of the urgent need to discover and invent new, improved, more responsible ways of living.
Carbon Cycle Installation
Atmosphere Exhibition Introduction
Exhibition Layout
Global Warming Exhibit
The Exhibition


  1. No disrespect to your post, or indeed the exhibition, which I am sure is excellent. But did you notice...it's sponsored by Shell!! I found this on their website - http://bit.ly/eozsD6

    Nearly choked on my porridge when I saw that one!!

  2. Haha - yes Shell are one of the sponsors of the exhibition, but as an energy company i'm sure they realise that investment in cleaner energy (and exhibitions like atmosphere!) are urgently needed. Its great 'gren' press for Shell, but if they're offering up the money it is a worthy cause to use it to raise awareness about climate change and encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle.