Thursday, January 06, 2011

Junk: Sustainable Fashion in Manchester

A visit over the Chrismas holiday to Manchester led to the fantastic shop that is Junk: Sustainable Fashion Made in Manchester. Junk sells vintage clothing and small collections made or upcycled by local designers. The shop layout was quirky and inviting, with lots of unusual and interesting objects and garments to see and buy. My friend bought a leather jacket that, with a few adjustments by the machine technician at Manchester University, would become a perfect fit for only £35.
'Junk is more than just a retail space, it's a place to imagine and create' (

'It ain't refuse if you re-use'
Another great aspect of the Junk shop concept is that they offer workshops and sewing classes to encourage the community to make, remake or alter their own clothing. The Fashion Courses at 'School of Junk' can be found on their website Junk Website and up to date info can also be found on their twitter account. In my opinion they are 100% worthy of their recent title of 'Best Independent Shop in Manchester' - next time you're in the centre of Manchester Junk is definately worth a visit!

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  1. Oh my god! That shop is amazing! Gutted I don't live in Manchester, but definately considering some online purchases. Thanks for the share.