Friday, November 18, 2011

Youth Group Workshop

 This week I visited the White City community centre to run an Upcycle Fashion workshop with a youth group. With an introduction about upcycling followed by a sewing workshop, time was rather tight as we only had an hour. However, the group began quickly and really impressed me with their neat and straight stitching! The workshop was part of a series called White City/Green Planet at the community centre. This series is organised by Our Common Place, an initiative run by Waste Watch to encourage communities to work together to improve social and environmental wellbeing. For more information please visit the  Waste Watch website


  1. Sad that the youth at the workshop are denied much chance to make sell and be independent by the same London Development Agency that funded parts of this community centre. The agency subsidised Westfields Shopping Centre - the sort of high rent venue that prefers national chainstores who import advertised brands - rather than advertised Shpherds Bush Market, where you could image some people setting up a stall, getting the odd bit of publicity and creating jobs

  2. Thanks for writing this up Jules, it was a really fun event. I just wish we'd had more time to continue with the sewing, I was starting to get into it!